Nexus 6P and 5X Google Certified USB C Adapters

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    USB Type C has not really caught on quite as quickly as I personally had anticipated. The new platform offers faster data transfer speeds, faster charge speeds, and the all important reversible charge cable! I have actually owned a hand full of USB Type C devices, but the only one I have used consistently so far is the Nexus 6P. I have purchased a few Type C cables, but the overwhelming majority of my current accessories are micro usb. If I ever want to be able to use those again I'll need to switch to another device or buy some adapters.

    OnePlus was on the hotseat for a minute after selling tons of cheap USB Type C cables and adapters that did not live up to Google standards. They weren't the only ones and there for a while it was hard to know exactly which adapters and cables were safe. I had pretty much decided to go with official Google chargers at that point. Since then a few accessory makers have stepped up to provide us with some Benson Leung approved Type C adapters. Any of the adapters below are safe to use.

    Tronsmart C to USB adaptor 2Pack for $7.49
    Xiaomi Type C Adapter $8.99
    Mobkits Type C to B Adapter $6.99
    Pushingbest Type C to Micro USB $5.99
    Nekteck Type C to Micro USB $7.99
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