Next-Gen Google Glass Hardware Shown Off by Google

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Here's an interesting piece from late yesterday. Google decided to show off the next-gen version of their Google Glass hardware. They previewed the image above on the Google Glass Google+ page. As you can see they would rather “show” than “tell.” The only real difference which is immediately noticeable is that it now has a mono earbud. We aren't sure if this means they had to give up on the skull-vibrating setup in the previous version, of if this is just an additional option.

    Google also claimed they have improved the hardware, without getting into specifics. This post also serves as a reminder to Google Glass Explorers that they will be able to "trade-up" later in the year when this next-gen version is released. The only other detail that we can share is the new Google Glass will support prescription frames. Also, if you are already Google Glass Explorer, later this year you will be able to invite up to three friends to get a Google Glass.

    Source: Google+ - Google Glass
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    I think I read the bone-conduction method was a fail. I thought it sounded a bit creepy but apparently there are some hearing-aids that use the same mechanism.

    I'm really sorry to see that the new version is getting mocked and spoofed by the technerati. Not a kind reception at all. I may have to sell some of my stock. :(