[news]Standard Dolphin Browser Finally Updates!!

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    For a such a long time, we just heard about the news of Dolphin Browser HD.
    and the standard Dolphin Browser have finally updated!!!

    here is the official news for them!

    We have just released Dolphin Browser V3. It has been a while since the last update. We did this to meet our loyal users' expectation and to meet new users. Thanks a lot for the supports from dolphin users, both Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Browser HD.

    Dolphin Browser Version 3 contains the following features:
    * Gesture upgrade
    * Multi-touch Pinch Zoom
    * Tabbed Browsing
    * Sync G.bookmarks
    * Delicious bookmarks
    * RSS Subscription
    * UI upgrade
    * New themes
    * Save local links
    * FC webpage recovery
    * Private browsing without history
    And so many more!
    Wait for you to explore!
    YouTube demo: http://bit.ly/DBV3demo

    you can get more info and download it from here: http://bit.ly/aXg6Sm
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