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    Hello Droid Forum Members! I am relatively new to the Android OS, previously with iPhone 3g, then went with the new phone and OS after getting irritated with Apple... Ok, I love the Samsung Infuse 4g phone, especially the graphics, camera, games, themes, etc. etc. Had the phone for a couple of months but only recently discovering all of the different themes, widgets, app icons, etc. etc. I am usually very resourceful, but I have found it difficult to find any 1 or 2 sources that have information available to answer most of my questions about the new phone, OS, apps, etc. Double edge sword, I enjoy the challenge of grinding it out for hours on my own, but I do not have that many extra hours. Okay, I am hoping I will have responses confident that this forum can be easily utilized to (in most cases) get to bottom line answers quickly and I am also very interested in general about all of the new phones, OS, functions / features,etc. (The later is how I found Team BAMF, I searched "what is the big deal with ice cream sandwich"....and landed here.) Ok, a question: What are the top 3 most amazing things that ice cream sandwich will offer us / enable us to do that we do not have available now or functionality that we do not have currently?

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    (Galveston Island...a small, funky, bohemian Island off the coast of oasis off the coast of Texas with an incredible history and an old soul....loving it!!)
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