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    hope this is the right place to put this. if its not let me know so i can remove it. i currently am having issues with my new LG vortex. i bought one for my wife back in dec. she loves it and i have really enjoyed getting to play with it. i upgraded to the same phone sunday.the battery life on mine is horrible. i have down loaded the juice app and the killer and tried to change all the settings that i can find but after 8-10 hrs of moderate use its at 5-10%. i have at max maybe 4 downloaded apps. my wifes phone on the other hand is totally different. i have not changed any thing on hers from factory settings and the main difference is i have my email linked up on mine and its set to check on the hour. she can get 24hrs consistant battery time and she doesnt power off to charge. this was one of the reasons i purchased one for myself. i am still in my 15 day period and thought about just getting the fascinate but i really like the size of the vortex. i keep it in my front pocket and the fascinate with the otterbox skin is just a little too big for me. would really like some opinions
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