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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by dpmeeks, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I have a droid razr, it is plagued with the common issue about the loud speaker not working. I could press on the speaker cover and it would work for awhile. Anyways, i ordered a new replacement speaker, i took the phone apart, and installed the speaker and after reassembly, ( new speaker wont work at all ) anyways.. Its acting like it wont recognize the battery is installed. It wont boot up unless i have the power cord plugged in and its showing its not charging. Ive taken the battery in and out several times, its just two screws that hold it. I had to hold both volume down and plug it in, go into boot mode and finally got it to boot up to my screen and stay on.

    Any ideas what i couldve done to cause this it was working fine before this other than the speaker ? thank you for anyones help !!