Newb Help Just need to flash or program my droid to a diff. carrier

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    I hope someone can give me some leads or know how of how to program, flash, or root my phone to be able to work on a different carrier. I have a Motorola Droid from Verizon with 2.2.3 android version. I am currently in Mexico and have my phone working on IUSACELL which supports CDMA phones. I went to the store and they set up my phone to make and receive phone calls but they told me that they couldnt program the 3g network since its an American phone. The guy said it needed some kind of flash or just program the phone to pick up their 3g signal he couldnt do it do to company policies. There are a lot of ppl down here that charge you to set things up but i would prefer to do it myself.

    any links would be helpful

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