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    Dec 10, 2009
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    I'm switching over from ATT and my much hated Iphone. It's a decent phone but the volume for the phone isn't quite loud enough, it hesitates/freezes occasionally and takes forever to get caught up with what it's doing.

    It was a grip of Benjamins when I got it (1st Gen) just before the price drop and gen2. It's camera is ok and it does play music. Email works as well but accessing anything over a few dozen messages it's unmanagable.

    Soooo here I am attempting to switch to ANOTHER service with ANOTHER two year contact. The phone is on order through Amazon as the in store deals suck.

    Please tell me that this phone is worth a two year commitment!

    1. Volume is loud when held up to your ear? (my iphone's volume sucks, but maybe i'm losing my hearing from my mustangs exhaust or old age)

    2. Does the phone lockup or freeze/hesitate once a week? (Iphone does this and sometimes needs rebooted totally)

    3. Any issues with the phone that I should know or expect?

    4. How's the email management work? (If you have an iphone or had you'll know what i'm talking about when I complain about scrolling down to older emails.... and scrolling and scrolling .....)

    5. How's it handle loading of mp3's and movies/pictures?

    Again, I just ordered one but will be doing a search for this info. I want to make sure it's worth it before activating and committing to this phone and verizons service.

    Oh and I'm Jake and live in LA. Phone is on order and if it works out I'll be looking for some accessories for it.
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    Nov 30, 2009
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    N.E. Ohio
    1. Loud enough for me. Plenty loud.

    2. I've had an app lock up on me but reboot has never been necessary.

    3. If you don't expect it to be a computer and realize it's a smart phone you should be OK.

    4.I don't get heavy amounts of email but it works fine for me.

    5.I think it does an excellent job with mp3's. Movies I don't use but based on the overall performance of the phone I think quality would be excellent.

    One other thing you may not know. This phone was selected #1 Gadget of 2009 in Time Magazine. iPhone finished 4th.:)
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    Nov 11, 2009
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    Speakers are def loud enough.

    i got the phone the day that it came i think i had it freeze up once. and i am 99% sure it was my fault i was trying to download to many apps and access crap all at once lol.

    issues? depends on what you mean for issues. the camera has a rounding error supposedly in the camera but that is suppose to be getting fixed with an update. And if you get the dock the weather part of it is tempermental. there are not any BIG issues. just small ones associated more with certain applications and not the actual phone.

    email i have not used on this device but i had a G1 with the same type of setup and the email is great.

    for music it is awesome. i love it. especially with my dock i can have it play nicely off of it.

    and like the previous poster. Droid = #1 gadget of 2009.....iPhone = 4th. Haha.

    And I am not bias I have used the Iphone plenty huge majority of my friends have them and i own an Itouch. I will also say this, one friend i had switched from the iphone to the droid and is loving the switch.