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    It sounds like Google is ready to roll out another major update to Wear OS, starting around mid-September. I'm not sure if this will be Wear OS 3.0 or just a higher 2.something number. Some of the articles are quite lengthy, so here are some key points:

    Google focused on three major areas: helping people remain connected, providing better help from Google Assistant and helping people lead healthier lives.

    Google's research says people spend only about five seconds interacting with a watch on average, and the new software should get you what you need in that time.

    The changes in navigation are probably the biggest difference existing Wear users will notice. The entire interface has been rearranged.

    Long press on the home screen to change a watch face, like the original Android Wear.

    Swiping to the left brings you straight to the circles that represent your Move minutes and Heart points (Google Fit).

    Swiping to the right launches Google Assistant.

    Swiping down opens the Settings panel. There is a new Google Pay button in the Settings panel for watches with NFC. Swipe up to see notifications.

    Faster, better Google Assistant, with a redesigned Assistant page similar to a phone.

    No major battery life improvements.

    The new update is supposed to roll-out to all watches currently running Android Wear 2.0.

    If & when you get the new update, post your thoughts & impressions.
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    Thanks for the heads up!
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