New User to Android OS and switched from HTC Incredible to Droid X

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    I work in Instructional Technology and have been using a Blackberry and IPOD Touch for my phone/email/tech gadgets until now. But the BB is so cumberosme when it comes to going to the internet, gettings apps, etc.

    So I purchased an HTC Incredible and after waiting a month, I received it just one week ago today. However, after watching the reviews on You Tube for DROID X and realizing how much more I could do with this phone, I switched on the 15th. And I couldn't be happier! Best decision I could have made.

    I so love the larger screen and it fits perfectly in my hand AND I have small hands with longer fingers. It doesn't seem to feel too much bigger than my Ipod Touch. The belt clip I purchased is very comfortable. The widgets & apps are much more customizable. I think the layout of the apps for Dialing and Talking are much easier to set up with less taps. I find that there are many more options for some of the same applications.

    I was worried that I would like the polished look of the HTC better, but it is not a factor at all because I can customize the screens & apps to be just as beautiful.

    I heard the battery life was better, but I can't really tell that since I have spent HOURS playing with this thing and that DID drain the battery. I think it will hold up very well in normal day to day use.

    I LOVE my Droid X and now I'm trying to talk all my friends into getting one too! Sharon