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    I've had my HTC Eris Droid for about a year. Until about 4 days ago I've never had a problem. All of a sudden, a few things started happening at once:
    1. I click the Marketplace icon, it says "loading" and never does open.
    2. When I go to my Gmail, it shows my inbox, but when I click a message to check it, screen goes to message for 2 secs, then returns to inbox.
    3. When I click Google Talk icon, I get an error message saying invalid username or password. I cleared the cache figuring it would allow me to manually enter username and password, but still goes right to same message.
    Someone said they Googled the problem and apparently its kinda widespread. Does anyone else know about this. Do I really have to do a pain in the a** factory reset. HELP!!
    Thank you in advance !!