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    Inspite of the great features an speed on droid I tend to judge more by what I don't have any more and what I wish I had.
    This is my partial list. Suggestions are much appreciated.
    The Droid has a 'Back' key but wouldn't a "forward' key be nice jog bak and forth?
    On my Treo I had:
    The ability to make neat lists. ie: numbers, good authors, bad authors, books I've already read, Actually these were catagories under which I could make the list items. I could mask or hide and password protect items on the list that were confidential.
    I could answer my phone and do other things with one hand. Now I'm two handing it.
    The buttons on thr Treo are "raised" as is jog/shuttle controller. Much easier for me to avoid miss keying items.
    Contacts were sorted by their last names !!! Yeah I know you can just hit search and type a few letters but the list still be sortable by last name. I've got over 2000 contacts. I can't just move the last name to the first name slot to accommodate this quirk.

    The neat Droid windshield mount is useless unless you remove the nifty Droid protective case. Arrrhg!!!