new to droid and have many questions. please help. thank you.

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    so i'm going to do all this at one time.

    first, i'm new to the droid. i've been using the blackberry storm2 for the last six months. not as happy with it as i would of like to been. much better than the storm1. anyways, finally moved over to the motorola devour. i'm digging it alot. fits my needs much more and the apps are way cheaper than blackberry's apps. plus graphics are better. the system runs better.

    but i have a few questions hopefully you all can help with.

    first, with blackberry you would do battery pulls to free up memory space. is that the same approach with droids? is just turning off the phone the same as a battery pull? how much memory is optimum for the droid operating system?

    ram? i got a a app called android system info and i noticed the ram on my phone is around 26%. is that common? is there something i need to know about ram on this phone?

    also, i've had this phone since sunday of this week. i've noticed that the phone has turned itself off a few times. is this something i should be concerned with? or did i just maybe press the off button.

    do i have to clear the caches of each app in the app manager on a regular basis?
    also, i use tweetcaster. only seems to update when i do a battery pull or turn off the phone and turn it back on again. any reason why to your knowledge?

    one more question. i've noticed underneath my 3g icon there is the arrows pointing up and down. i understand those are showing information coming in and out of the phone. what does the D stand for under it. i just started noticing that too.

    two more questions:

    the devour is having a hardtime sometimes synching to certain blur accounts like myspace, yahoo sometimes. what could that be a result of?

    sorry for the onslaught of questions. figured i should get them all out of the way.

    thanks for all the help.

    also don't know if this helps but here are a few of the apps i'm using that aren't fun apps so to speak.

    android system info
    automatic task killer
    dolphin browser
    easytether pro

    anyways, thanks, matt