New To Dinc2?! Ideas????

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    Alright so VZW managed to send me a free Dinc2 to replace my Droid 2. and I love it. I already am S-OFF and rooted while running MikRom's stable Incredible HD rom and set up CM7 via boot manager. I know nothing about kernals (since with the d2 i didnt have the option) and I am beginning to like boot manager. i have a 32 gb class 10 microsd card and was wondering a few things. 1. Should I use a sense or aosp rom for my phone rom. 2. what is the best sense based rom? am I already on it? 3. how can i increase my sd cache so my multiboot roms run smoother? and 4. do all my roms need to be run off the same kernal? if not then what kernals would be recommended for a sense rom and what kernals for cm7 or liquid? I want a solid dual boot for the time being but i only want to dabble with sense to me it is just more bloat. With that said i suppose ill mainly use cm7 and i will REALLY wanna dual boot when the first ICS nightlies debut this winter. And whatever kernals i choose what is a good setting to use? undervolt? overclock to 1.3, 1.5 or 1.7ghz? Now i feel like I'm rambeling xD sorry i just LOVE this thing and i havent even tapped the potential yet. Any advice is appreciated for this n00b!:biggrin:
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    1. Sense or AOSP, you will have to find the best for you. Read the bug lists for each rom.
    4. There are specific kernals for Sense and for AOSP. Each rom has a kernel that works the best for it. Don't flash a AOSP kernel with a Sense rom and visa versa. Liquid comes with tiamat which is usually a good kernel. Each kerenl has a sweet spot for its governor and each phone is different. I usually keep aosp around 1.4ghz with a smartass governor. Keep an eye on heat when overclocking of course. If getting a lot of random reboots slow the kernel down. Tiamat usually runs good with cm7, stock cm7 kernel kills my battery fast.

    *edit: haven't used cm7 in a while. Not sure what everyone is using for a kernel now. Check xda or cm forums
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