*New* Thunderbolt [Rom] [Sense] Redemption Rom Beta 2

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    Are you tired of flashing a Rom that claims to get rid of one problem only to bring a whole list of other bugs and nags?! This is normally just the nature of custom rom development; implement one cool feature and break something else. The Developer "HeyItsLou" wants to solve this problem with his New Thunderbolt Rom "RedemptionRom". It is currently in the beta stage with one more release on the way which will be the final release; however, i suggest you jump on board early! Lou says that with this Rom he aims to bring you a "highly customized rom experience without taking any one feature away from another." I say amen to that brother!


    This Rom is built on the 2.11.605.3 OTA leak and based on Android 2.3.4 Sense 2.1. It is completely decluttered and debloated. Sexy Sense Theme has been ported to this Rom, and it also features advanced reboot power options. Some features have been added here such as a Custom Redemption Rom dialer, Overscroll glow effects, and sense 3.0 mms.


    The final 3.0 build will include Rosie Mods for better launcher experience, and an updated Sexy Sense Theme.

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