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    Theme developer "C_hale22" has released his Red Edge theme chooser theme. This theme will work on any Cm10/AOKP AOSP style rom that includes the theme engine. One advantage of a theme chooser theme over a launcher theme is that the entire system including the system Ui and Framework can totally be themed. Most of the time these themes are more thorough since developers are able to access the entire system for themeing, which gives you a full immersive experience. If you like Red and Black this is the perfect theme for you.


    Everything from the app icons, to the system toggles have been themed. App icons have been given a shadowy appearance with a boxed shape. Framework has been themed red, and most everything has been inverted. The nav bar is black and red, as well as the entire status bar. Quick Settings toggles look great with a slim red border, and the dialer is big and bold. Grab the theme from the link below.

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