NEW [THEME] [Aokp 28 and Rootzboat 8.2] Nexus Plus v1.0

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    I love a good theme! Themes are the easiest way of making your device your own, and one that will stand out from the rest. Developer "MR H3LLMAN" has created a sleek new theme to do just that! As he says this Rom is both clean and functional. This is not a gawdy, scream in your face, mentally assaulting, seizure inducing, overly themed theme (Although sometimes i tend to like those as well). This theme is simple with Soft, muted blues, with hints of black and white peaking through. A true picture of elegance. This release version of the theme includes custom icons for most system apps, a themed Launcher 2, a tastefully themed UI and framework res, status bar notification images, signal icons, navigation icons, and more. The Lockscreen is themed ICS blue with Nexus X lock center and 3 custom wall papers! So far this theme is only supported on AOKP 28 and Rootzboat 8.2. However MrH3LLMAN has plans to get this incredible theme on as many Roms as he possibly can!

    I am looking forward to the themes to come from this developer! Grab the theme here!

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