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    Hi, All--

    My wife just got a new Motorola Droid (with Verizon service, [sorta] like her old LG), and is having lots of fun learning all the toys included and available for it.

    She's not that impressed by the camera, perhaps spoiled by her D90 that she uses for both watercolor source material and video of the acoustic music shows in The Coffee Gallery Backstage (and the Frontstage sing-alongs etc.) in Altadena CA, where she also teaches watercolor.

    But it was amazing as we went on an art-spedition to Fort Tejon and Tejon Ranch last week, GPS navigation and Web browsing on the road, looking at Yelp for a good place to eat. Frazier Park has a dynamite little hole-in-the-wall bakery, with Armenian dishes and yummy pastries. Beats the Jack's in Grapevine (and we miss 'Okie Girl' from some 20 years ago, when Cristo did his umbrellas up there.)

    At home, we're trying to get her connected to our local (Belkin) wireless-G router, with WPA-TKIP and MAC filtering. I found her MAC address, and verified it was the un-named entry so I could UNblock it. Now I'm looking for the way to put a host-name into the phone, so it ID's itself when it connects.

    Myself, I'm in electronics and RF and have worked in EMC, got sensitized to RF safety and don't want to wear a radio transmitter that's not under my complete control. Maybe I'll have to soon, but so far, ham radio is enough, and I know when it's in transmit. In twenty-or-so years, we'll know what the problems are, IF someone starts tracking users now.