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    NDNS26. 118--23-12-7-7
    Moto Z Play security update.
    60.3 MB.... ****After downloading, restarting, updating takes a while. May appear to freeze on startup screen, but it will finish. Be patient.
    Software Version: NDNS26.118-23-12-7-7

    Android Security Patch Level: 2018-04-01

    This software update provides the latest Android security patches on your device.

    Next steps and additional links:

    Please allow additional time for the apps on your device to continue to download after the software update.

    If for any reason this software update doesn't fully download, our Software Upgrade / Repair Assistant tool can provide immediate self-serve troubleshooting guidance.
    Operating System FAQs
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    Updated: 05/03/2018
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    Thanks for the update TxDoc. My wife's Z2 Play also received the April security patch.

    I think we are starting to see who slows down Android OS Updates in the US. It has to be the US carriers. Oreo is rolling out to the Z Play and Z2 Play all over the world, except the US. I'm not complaining about security patches, it's good that Moto is still pumping them out for a two year old model. But we should have received Oreo along with the April security patch, like the rest of the world. I guess Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc want to get as much of their bloatware into the update as they possibly can.

    In the end it's still a good thing that Moto continues to provide updates for the original Moto Z series.

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