New SD card help?

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by arkabeoeht, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Mods: IF this thread is given enough attention and proper responses, I think it should be stickied because many people ordered the 32 gb SanDisk sd card on black friday.

    I received my new sd card (SanDisk, 32gb) yesterday, and had some trouble succesfully integrating it with my phone. After doing what I thought would work, I managed to destroy my droid which verizon kindly replaced today (with a normal droid, still no droid 2 replacement *sad face*)

    Anyways, that issue is behind me and I would like to start a thread that teaches how to get a new sd card. Perhaps you are getting a larger one, or maybe a higher class.

    This is what I tried:
    Copy old sd card to computer
    Format new one
    Put old sd contents onto new one

    This is what happened:
    Broke things.
    Any android application (meaning, stock with android) or resource stopped working (FC'd). This includes: Amazon MP3, Google Framework (Dont know what this is), phone, messaging, and also applications that use those functions such as handcent and xscope.

    I also lost connection to service, wifi wouldn't connect and even after factory resetting phone the problem wasn't fixed.

    Obviously I made some sort of mistake, and I do not want others to go through this same process.

    How exactly should I go about doing this? I am getting a replacement droid tommorow, so here is what I will try:

    Reformat 32 gb card
    Put in droid
    Download all apps
    Slowly introduce certain folders such as music and pictures individually.
    I will also put my handcent backup and ADW backup on the card.

    Then I will re download all of my old apps, and hope for the best.

    If this is not how I should go about doing this, then please... enlighten me.

    Thank you for helping me, and the others who are/will experience(ing) this problem. :)
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    I could be wrong but this sounds coincidental, not causal, to me. Unless something in the card swapping process triggered some sort of hardware failure.

    How exactly are you formatting the card? Make sure you do so via the Droid. I don't recall what filesystem it uses off the top of my head but if you didn't get that right it certainly wouldn't help. I doubt it would cause such failures either though.