New Samsung Gear VR Leaks!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Jul 29, 2016.

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    At this point we know pretty much everything there is to know about the Note 7. We expect just about zero surprises on Note 7 launch day. The one thing we have not seen much about is the new Samsung Gear VR. All we know is that their will be a new version to be compatible with the new USB Type-C. @Onleaks has leaked out some detailed info regarding the new Gear VR. While this is not ground breaking there are some subtle changes.

    The head strap no longer has a connector to attach the over the head strap in the render provided. There is however a slit that may be where the over the head strap connects. The visor has been slimmed down a bit. The headset pictured is black instead of white. We don't have conformation as to how USB Type-C will be integrated yet. Rumors have it that the device will be backwards compatible with micro usb devices as well.

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    I got a Samsung VR when I got my S7 Edge a week ago. Returned it a couple days later. The screen door effect was terrible on the Edge. Also, and this is a personal one for me, it gave me a massive eye ache after using it for maybe 30 minutes watching Netflix VR. I have a feeling it was seeing the pixels that killed my eyes. My wife swears she couldn't see the pixels/screen door effect. I think a 4K screen will be needed if not higher to alleviate some of those issues.
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    I had to opportunity to experience the VR last week while visiting my son who also as the S7 Edge, but I didn't see anything that you describe.

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