New S3 owner w/ some questions

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by blass12, Apr 4, 2013.

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    Ok, im coming from a samsung charge to the S3, just got it yesterday, have a few questions.
    1. Email, i have my yahoo mail setup as the main email on my email icon, when i open it my email page is white with black text. Can that be switched to black backround w/ white text? Ive looked and cannot find an option for it, i dont really care for the white backround.
    2. Gmail, I dont use my gmail account, and dont want it updating. Whats the best way to go about this? I unticked the "sync" button from the dropdown menu.. is that it? Also is the "sync" in the dropdown only for that? or anything else?
    3. Dropdown menu, what does power save icon actually do?
    4.Weather on home screen. I was watching a youtube vid about the s3 and noticed the persons phone had the weather on the home screen without the whole "picture" that comes with it.. By that i mean I dont want the grass and sky and clouds in the backround, it just showed the time/weather/location but it had the home screen wallpaper behind it.. Is that a diff weather app or something or an option, again looked but cant find anything.
    5.Apps, I thought when i got the s3 google play would dl all my apps back to the new phone. but no such luck.. Whats the best way to transfer my apps from the charge to the s3.
    Thanks in advance for any info..
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    I use fancy widgets and then tweak it a bit. Here's a screen shot of my home page.
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    If you are still hanging on to Yahoo Mail, you must be lucky as I experienced so much spam, I was disgusted. I see more hacked scams coming out of Yahoo than any other. Almost no spam on Gmail and the IMAP protocol keeps everything clean on two PC's, a Kindle Fire and the S3. Read on one and they all show read. Delete on one and all show deletions, etc.

    The best way to get your apps back is to log on to Google App store on your PC and view your apps. You can download them to the phone from there (phone on!). Link:

    I don't bother with power save. I just plug in the charger if I have been using the web heavily.

    A note on apps: Call Control Call Blocker will blank your contacts. I found "Current Caller ID" works fine. Also if you have Skype, on the main screen, hit the menu button, go to settings and disable sync on the contacts to the phone. Otherwise, it too will blank your contacts. You get contacts back by holding down the power button and clicking on Restart.:biggrin: