NEW [ROM] WhiteWidow ROM For The Droid RAZR HD

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    The White Widow rom by developer "NINJA" is based on JellyBean 4.1.1. It is de-odexed, zipaligned, and heavily debloated for extra speed and performance. Most of the Blur has been removed while full functionality is including SmartActions is maintained. Blur apps have been replaced with their AOSP counterparts. All of the main apps including Google Apps and System apps have been blacked out. This Rom includes lots of goodies such as 1% battery mod, adaway, Apex Launcher, Apex Launcher White Skin, BW icons, city state ID, clock sync, custom boot animation, custom boot logo HD, Custom Wallpapers, extended power menu, DSP Manager, HDMI support, No-Frills CPU Control, OMC widget, Power Toggles, Root Browser Lite, System Panel Lite, ZumoCast, and more!

    To install this Rom you will need to be running the OTA JB version on your stock rom, since the kernel is needed to run correctly, and you will need to flash safestrap recovery if you are on a consumer RAZR HD. If you are using the developer edition RAZR HD you can just flash the Rom in cwmr/twrp.

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