NEW [ROM] Simplex Rom v0.3 Beta for the Droid RAZR

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    Droid Razr owners will be happy to hear that they have another Rom to flash. Especially if they are crackflashers like me! The SimplexRom by developer "EmericanX" is just as it sounds, a Simple, Solid, and lightly modded Rom for the Droid Razr. This is the Base Rom for what EmericanX will be working on. It is built on 6.14.84 and as such should be flashed over that for now as this is the version on which it has been tested. Of course it is in Beta mode, and it is also worth noting that this Rom is primarily built to suite EmericanX and he has been nice enough to Share with the Class"! As was stated above this Rom is not Elaborate in its feature set so there isn't a ton to cover. Simplex has been Deodexed, Zipaligned, Png optimized, and Debloated for Speed and Snappiness. Some Blur apps have been replaced with their AOSP counterparts. AOSP items include Gallery2, Email, Exchange, MMS, Calendar, CalendarProvider, DeskClock, GenieWidget, and Launcher2. Also tons of build.prop mods and tweaks have been made for even more performance.


    It should be noted that this is meant primarily for those that are stuck on .84. If you are not one of those users then do not flash to .84
    If you are one of those that is stuck on .84 it is recommended that you do install this via Safestrap since it is still beta. Enjoy!

    Grab this Rom here!

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