NEW [ROM] RAGE Rom for The Galaxy S4!

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    Rage Rom by developer "Spc_hicks09" has to be one of the most popular roms for the RAZR HD! This awesome rom is now available for the Verizon Galaxy S4. This rom is based on the BeansTown Rom so you know that its going to be super stable. It also means that you won't loose any of the critical Touch Wiz features. The rom is prerooted, deodexed and includes Rage Tweaks. There are all kinds of customization options present in this rom.

    Custom options include the ability to remove the alarm clock icon from notifications, CRT OFF option (toggle coming), status bar color changer, status bar transparency changer, Center Clock, No clock, am/pm removed, am/pm reg, am/pm small, day of the week options, clock color changer, clock transparency changer, keyboard icon toggle, 1% battery meter, choice of 11 battery options with more to come, battery options, battery bar, long press menu to kill apps, 4-1 reboot options, ongoing notifications removed, GPS icon removed, Messaging options unlocked, Scroll cache removed, International shutdown and bootanimations, camera and shutter sound options, Inverted email, and more!

    So far no bugs have been found. It should be noted that you will have to be running a TouchWiz based kernel such as KtoonzTW kernel. Also be sure to wipe system along with data, cache, and dalvik when installing as the rom's install script omits this. Grab the rom at the source link below.

    via Rootzwiki
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