New [ROM] for Galaxy Nexus SimplexROM A5 Toro

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    If you are a Galaxy Nexus user that can not go more than a few days on the same rom then you are a flash addict, welcome to the club! I have a Rom for you. From developer EmericanX comes a rom with great battery life! Announcing SimplexROM A5 Toro. Incase you were wondering the A5 stands for Alpha build number 5. This Rom is still a work in progress so there will be a few bugs for now. That being said probably one of the main draws to this Rom is the incredible battery life! 12 hours at 70% from a heavy users that coming from test by the developer himself. This Rom looks to be a moddified version of Stock AOSP.


    Even though this is an Alpha build several modifications have been made. It includes a Rebased Framework for Notification toggles and Advanced power menu, moddified build leaving clockworkmod intact, moddified build to include busybox and ChainsDD su Root Items, built unsecured boot.img for ADB root permissions, Gapps are integrated, and wifi tether provisions have been removed. This is all pretty impressive for someone who has done this in their spare time and for personal use. Developer EmericanX has stated that he does plan to expand on this Rom and add more features in the future! This may be one to look out for.

    Download and discuss this Rom here!

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