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    Droid 3 users will be happy to know that Developer "ChevyCam94" has released his first ever ICS Rom to your device! ChevyCam has supported Motorola devices with his Steel Droid Rom series starting with the Droid 1. His roms bring tons of performance enhancements, battery optimization, and custom mods! This Rom will be extra nice as it includes all of the innovative features you have come to love form AOKP. Motorola may not be planning to update your device to ICS anytime soon, but thanks to devs like HashCode, the whole Th3ory Rom team and now ChevyCam you have tons of ICS options for your device!


    This Rom is ChevyCam's first ICS Rom and is still in Beta even though everything seems to be working flawlessly on this build it is still recommended that you flash this via Safestrap. This Rom is built from AOKP source, and is based on ICS 4.0.3. The Rom includes the latest ICS Gapps. It includes the custom bootanimation from Steeldroid 4.5 including the sound. The Rom also includes various mods and tweaks to the build.prop for increased performance. The only bugs so far are no face detect, HW video codecs, bluetooth audio, and sometimes the Incall screen goes black. These bugs are being worked on and should be ironed out in later builds.

    Grab the Rom and discuss here!

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