NEW [ROM] Droid3 BIOWeaponX by 13thAngel!

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    Announcing BioWeaponX Rom for Droid 3 A BlurryRom!

    Droid3 users! Developers @13th Angel, who has had success and a following on The Droid2, and RevNumbers of CM7 porting fame on multiple devices bring to you their current “Work In Progress” The BioWeaponX Rom! This Rom is for those who actually enjoy the Blur experience. It has been Deodexed and Debloated as well as Tweaked for speed and fluidity. However I would expect a more stock AOSP style UI in the future for this Rom coming from this Developer!

    This Rom is based on the .893 Bionic build. It includes lots of customizations such as 1% battery increments. ADW launcher which will give the Rom a new look and feel instantly. Full Reboot menu in the power options is included here along with Status bar toggles.

    Being that this is a work in progress there are a few small issues that you should be aware of.
    The Calendar widget Fc’s, and the rom hangs up on the “touch to begin” screen which is easily circumvented by touching the four corners of the screen. This may not be a daily driver yet but it looks pretty stable. One thing this Rom has going for it is reports of outstanding battery life!

    Show This Dev Some Love! Download Rom and Discuss Here
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