NEW [ROM] Battery Plus Rom v2.1 Lite

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    Here is just one of many reasons to Root your device and install custom Roms. There are developers out there that are dedicated to things like speed enhancements, performance boosts, and one of my favorites battery life improvements. With a phone like the Droid DNA with its smaller 2020mah battery it can use all the help a developer is willing to throw at it in the way of battery life. Developer "Hendrickson" has created a rom that is focused on giving you the best battery life possible. The way that it achieves this goal is by lowering the DPI to a battery sipping 320. The Rom is much liter with lots of Ram consuming bloat has been removed.

    The Rom is built from the DNA stock Rom 1.15.605.4.710RD. Lots of modifications have been added like SD card cache tweaks, add blocker, stock HTC boot animation, stock 4.1 lockscreen, Reboot options with Recovery and bootloader, Verizon location services GPS icon removed, 4.2 gallery, 4.2 keyboard, 4.2 camera, i/o governor set to deadline, lowered memory usage, 320 DPI and more!

    Grab the Rom via XDA
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