New Puzzle Game: Move the Fruit

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    Move the Fruit : Brain Puzzle is a simple and addictive brain puzzle game. The goal is to remove all fruits from the board by moving or swapping them. Perfectly solve stages to get 3 stars.

    How to play
    Move or swap the fruit so that three or more fruits of the same kind are connected in a straight line or a horizontal line to eliminate them. The top fruit will fall and form a chain reaction. Each level can be eliminated by moving up to two steps at most.

    • Nice, clean graphics and smooth animation
    • 4 Difficulties Pack: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, and Expert
    • More than 1000 levels
    • Established a hint system helping you to solve puzzles
    • Undo buttons to help you figure out each puzzle
    • Easy to play but hard to become a master
    • No need for WIFI
    • Only 4.8M
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