New Offline Reader App "Flyne" From The Creators Of Falcon Pro

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    Falcon Pro was the Twitter Client that took the web by storm. Their app was one of the best looking, and also one of the smoothest available. It quickly reached the token limit of 100k. Once the limit was reached developers "Joaquim Verges" tried to fight the system and get more users in, but they were not able to get very far in that venture as Twitter stuck to their guns and enforced the limit. Joaquim Verges has moved past that project and has just released the new Offline Reader App to the Play Store! This app promises to be a fresh and simple way to stay up to date on the latest news from your favorite sources.


    Flyne stands out by heavily integrating Twitter into your newsfeed. It uses twitter list and feedly categories to provide you with realtime news updates from your favorite blogs, and your most trusted friends. Flyne grabs full articles from twitter and stores them locally for offline viewing. You can try this app free. The free version includes a preloaded list of popular sources. There is an in app purchase which allows you to fully customize flyne and fully unlock the potential of your device.

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