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    Just a quick post to introduce myself before I beg for help on another forum. I'm new to a Droid phone and new to the Droid Forum. I took home the Moto Droid on 6/30/10 because after my discounts it was free. I figured I couldn't go wrong with a free phone... besides I've heard so many wonderful things about Droid phones. So far I'm having a tough time adjusting. I've had a Blackerry phone for the past two years and various other smart phones prior to that. Unfortunately, if things don't get better I'll be returning the phone.
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    Apr 6, 2010
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    WOA WOA WOA :D settle down now lol

    Its ok, theres just a little learning curve. Just spend some more time with it. Feel free to PM me, or even get on gchat and hit me up if I'm online. I love helping new users and users who are having issues. I have a really boring job that allows me countless hours to do so, so hey, why not.

    but like I said, PM me, and I'm sure in no time, you'll be hooked on your droid just like most of us.