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    Hello, new to Android. I'm converting from an iPhone 3GS, I've never liked Apple particularly, but the functions were there that I like when I need a new phone in '09. Since my wife was a Droid user, when my AT&T contract was up, we combined to a single phone service provider (Verizon) and both upgraded to Droid 3s.

    Primarily, I'm interested in getting my Droid 3 to give me functionality that I desire. So, to start off...

    1. I'd like to get the Droid 3 to control whatever service (Text msg, phone call, e-mail, facebook, et al, update) I get a notification for. Currently, I get the same notification "sound" for all notifications, but I'd like to be able to control the settings such that if I get a text message, the Text Messaging app opens to show me the new msg. Concurrently, I'd like to be able to disable notification noises all together (but perhaps enable vibrate) from getting e-mails, since I have 4 accounts setup, I get notifications all day long, which is irritating. It seems odd that I cannot set a particular behavior depending on the notification...

    2. I'd like to be able to stream Pandora or other audio apps to my car speakers via Bluetooth.

    3. I'd like to be able to listen to audio while charging via USB (such as when I'm sitting at my computer for extended periods of time which would otherwise drain the battery).

    4. I'll think up some more stuff as it comes along.

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