New member, new to Droid, getting a DX in a week!

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    Greetings, all! I have been using a Blackberry for the last 2 years - used to say I didn't know why they were so popular, now I'm never without mine. Ha! BB is great for e-mail and text messages, but I want more. I had ordered an Incredible, then 3 days after I ordered it, I started reading about the Droid X. The day my DI arrived via FedEx, I rejected it and placed the order with vzw for the DX. I'm supposed to be receiving it on 7/19. Then the fun begins!

    I was considering the iPhone, but the more I work with Apple, iTunes, and my iPod Touch (love it!), the more I realize how confined I am - Apple controls every move of their users, and I don't like that. I go back to the days of building my own 8088 machine, doing my own programming, burning my own ROMs, etc., etc., and I see the Android systems as being a bit more open than the iStuff. I hope I am right.

    Anyway, I would appreciate any feedback on the Android system, and Droid, specifically - how to use it, good apps, etc. I am one of those that is not satisfied until I know how to use ALL of the features, not just the common ones.

    So that is me, in a nutshell. Feel free to say hi, and maybe I will have some constructive input once I get my new machine.

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    I am glade to see that you chose a droid over the confines of the iphone realm and the business oriented BB.
    This is the perfect place to find every thing you will need to modify your phone and get help.
    The android system is a lot more open then the iphone, and light years ahead of the 8088 system you made years ago.
    Have fun and ask away, there’s always someone here to help.:)
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    :welcome: to the boards. I think you'll love the phone. Enjoy the stay here.