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    Hello everyone!

    I am proud to say I am a NEW Droid owner as of yesterday afternoon. This is also my first "smart/multmedia" phone (my last pseudo featured phone was the LG Dare--a good phone in its own right).

    Let it be known I am a huge Verizon Wireless fan and subscriber and though at one point I thought I really wanted an Iphone, the prospect of subscribing to AT&T frightened me. Moreover, the more I read about Android OS and in particular, the Droid, the more I thought it made sense to go with it based on functional and technical aspects. I now believe I am not missing anything by not going with the Iphone.

    I have immersed myself in the past 24 hours reading all of the tips, tricks, etc in the Droid manual as well as on here and have already adjusted my phone settings based on those tips and suggestions in this forum. Some good, free useful apps also provide benefits.

    This looks like a very useful and friendly forum and I anticipate becoming more involved.

    Again, my first 24 hours with the Droid have been user friendly and I anticipate a great relationship. Importantly, since it is first and foremost a phone, the call quality has been excellent.

    Motorola, and Verizon Wireless, have a huge hit on their hands.