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    I recently purchased the Dx. I had a friend load LINUX on my laptop and, by his recommendation, purchased a Dx over an I. I do not know how to write code and, consequently, am a "script kitty." I am learning more about LINUX and the ANDROID OS as I read online. I have chosen not to root my Dx just yet as it currently fulfills my needs and I see no point in rooting it just to say I did it.

    As I explore the Dx, I will most likely find a need to root it at some point and will figure it out at that point. For now, I am content to absorb information to determine how it will best serve my needs in the future.

    FOR ALL YOU "VETERANS"- please feel free to give me suggestions on how to use my Dx in its unrooted state- or explain why I NEED to root. I am open to suggestions and will evaluate every suggestion with multiple sources.

    This is a great forum (even if I have to google half the word to understand what is being said) and I look forward to learning how to use my droid to both protect myself and increase my ability to "see the world."