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    Just got my Incredible2 last week, after years with an iPhone. I've hit my first hurdle, and hopefully somebody's going to tell me that mine is a frequently asked question and point me to the right place :).

    I'm connecting to a Mac powerbook. I can live with the fact that it says "Ignore or Eject?" every time I plug in the USB cable, even when I'm in "Charge only" mode. What I just discovered is that it appears impossible to use my SD card when my USB is plugged in? Say that I'm at my desk and want to listen to my music, but keep the phone plugged in so I don't just sit here and kill my battery. Can't do it? DoubleTwist and Winamp both report that my SD card is busy. I understand why they wouldn't be able to read the files if the SD card is busy - but is there a way that I can be plugged in to charge and have the card not be busy?

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