New [ICONS] Versicolor Icon Packs For A Minimalist Look!

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    Icon Packs are an easy way to give your phone a new look and feel. Theme Developer "DaveKover" is well known for his awesome Icon Packs "Lustre" and "Tersus" which have become widely popular in the android community. His latest icon pack "Versicolor" brings a minimalistic look to your device. There are several colors to choose from and one more generalized icon pack that uses colors from the app to fill in the outline. These Icons will work with some of the most popular launchers including Nova, Apex, ADW, and Go.The icons have been rendered in Full HD and will look great on any screen. The Icon pack includes over 750 icons, a themed search widget, and a wallpaper gallery is added. Colors available include Blue, Slate, DL Pink, Purple, Ash, Orange, Red, and Green. You can grab this Icon Pack at the source link below!

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