New [ICONS] IcoPack For Custom Launchers!

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    The latest trend for Icon Packs is a 3D shadowing effect. This effect was pioneered by Dave Kover who recently released his "Nox" icon theme to much fan fair. Nox was probably one of the most successful icon packs ever. Since then other icon theme developers have been releasing their own variants of icons with the shadowing effect. The latest to hit the seen is the "IcoPack" by theme dev Shah Designs.


    The IcoPack has shadowing but it has more tricks up its sleeve. IcoPack has various color versions of Icon packs that easily match your wallpaper. It also includes hand custom designing of over 500 app icons. The developer also takes request for new app icons. This icon pack is a bargain at $.99. Grab it from the Play Link below!

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