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    New HTC device starts leaking piecemeal -- is it the Mecha / Incredible HD?

    By Chris Ziegler [​IMG] posted Dec 21st 2010 6:33PM

    So we've got a crazy theory here: Slashgear just got a couple closeup shots of some heretofore-unknown HTC. So did we -- one in common with Slashgear, one different. Could it be that Taiwan's finest are "leaking" us these shots in an effort to drum up interest going into CES in a couple weeks? We wouldn't doubt it in the least -- with the LG B, Optimus 2X, and Samsung Nexus S all fresh off the presses, HTC probably wouldn't mind getting a little boost in mindshare right now, and there's no better way to do it than by teasing a phone that looks an awful lot like the previously-leaked Mecha. As a refresher, the Mecha is the beast that might end up on Verizon as the Incredible HD, offering LTE compatibility for the carrier's new 4G network -- and we know that Verizon plans on showing a whole bunch of LTE devices at CES, so this is all lining up pretty nicely. Follow the break for the other shot we received along with Slashgear's.