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    Dear players,

    we would like to present you our newest creation for Android nd iOS, classic logical game called "SliderWood HD".


    Simple and pleasant puzzle experience. Relax your mind, listen to music and slide pieces of photos to achieve serenity.
    ★ FEATURES ★
    ✓ High quality HD graphics
    ✓ Original piano soundtrack (easy-listening genre)
    ✓ High quality photo puzzles
    ✓ 2 puzzle modes: Loyd's 15 (slide one puzzle piece at a time to empty space) and Swap (swap any 2 selected puzzle pieces)
    ✓ Your personal best time for both puzzle modes
    ✓ Online best scores for Android and iOS platforms (will you help your favourite platform to win?)
    ★ Visit our website for more information about the game: SliderWood | Playito

    Google play link:

    Thank you very much for your attention and we would love to hear back from you :)

    Playito team
    Touch Games - Czech and Slovak iOS games developers