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    Hi guys,

    Please check out our newest made TekNik-Slide theme for GO Locker.

    GO Locker TekNik-Slide Theme created by AT Developers.

    A futuristic yet simple tech style GO Locker theme.
    Go Locker TekNik-slide theme provides a slide theme lock screen with notifications for unread messages and missed calls. Battery indication for low battery and an animation for charging battery.

    The carbon fiber background with brushed metal plate creates a great effect.

    You need to have Go Locker installed for this theme to work!

    Link to Play Store: Click Here


    This theme works on the following confirmed devices without any problems:

    - HTC One X
    - Samsung Galaxy SII HD LTE
    - Motorola Atrix
    - LG Optimus 4X
    - Samsung Nexus S
    - HTC Desire HD

    Please download this app and let us know what you think. Any kind of feedback/comments would be greatly appreciated!
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