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    Ok so I just got a "Hand Me Down" Droid 2 Global from my older brother since he just got another NEW Droid and it looks 1/2 water damaged. On the phones water damage panel it is white with red x's but the battery is purely red and I keep telling my dad another charger wont work but im thinking about going to Verizon tomorrow and thinking about buying a new battery the battery is a BP6X and yea im pretty sure my droid is a Droid 2 Global. So yup imma see if maybe putting a new battery in would workdancedroid. The reason I am stuck to this theory is because on my old phone it was fun day and I accidently took my phone.... and the battery is white with x's but my panel on my phone is RED purely and my screen on my old phone wont work so thats why im stuck on this theory:icon_ banana:.
    Hope I can become one of the new Droid Owners:):motdroidvert:dancedroid
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