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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions & Site Assistance' started by ryebread, Oct 16, 2010.

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    Hi all,
    I'm a new Droid X owner, 3 days old! I'm learning to use the on-screen keyboard; it's a little challenging, but I'm getting better.

    Took a photo of my 2 little guys this morning and made it my wallpaper. Bailey is a rat terrier/chihuahua mix and Dweazel is a terrier/chihuahua/something mix (he's a shelter dog, so don't know for sure). They're both in the 13-14 lb. size range. It was a learning experience editing the photo to look right as wallpaper with icons over it. The first photo that I took of Bailey alone became this giant face when I tried to make it wallpaper! It was pretty funny. When I get more adept with the Droid technology, I think I'll use their photo in my profile.

    I got a purple Silicone Cover when I bought my Droid X (bad habit of dropping my phone; lost my first PDA when the screen cracked). The salesman suggested the Multimedia Station as a desktop or nightstand docking station. Sounded like a great idea, but when I went to use it, the phone doesn't fit in the dock with the cover on! :icon_rolleyes: So now I have to return the dock; I don't want to take the cover off every night.

    Already have a new favorite game: SnowFor4. :rating09:
    It's free. Kind of like Bejeweled with snowflakes. The little snowflakes fall within the shape of a giant snowflake. You have to have 4 or more snowflakes together to remove them, and different snowflakes have different point values. There are bombs you can explode if you run out of snowflakes that can be removed, and you can rotate the giant snowflake shape to help with the snowfall. I've already killed several hours playing it!

    I'm hoping this forum will give me lots of tips, and help when I need it. Thanks to all ahead of time.
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    :welcome: to the Forum and congrats on the X