New droid user, playing with ideas.

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    Hello Droid community.

    I actually do not have the droid yet but I was considering trying to make an adapter in order to connect my future droid to my ipod accessories (stereo and FM car transmitter). I was considering using this converter from an aux cable to female ipod port (iPod input converter to regular MP3 plug (iPod female to 3.5mm plug cable) 4FT) shorten the wire, and make a mold out of plastic to go around it which would fit to the droid and be about the same size as an iPhone.
    The issue is the fact the headphone jack is on the top of the Motorola droid. This causes a flaw in my idea for a design.. The droid doesn't flip the screen upside down if the droid is upside down, does it?

    Maybe if there is an ipod to bluetooth adapter that will work better... anyone know of a good one?
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