New droid user in Alaska - Needs advice.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions & Site Assistance' started by akguanja, Feb 24, 2011.

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    First of all I would like to say Hello from the AK.

    I'm not new to forums in general at all actually a moderator on a couple of other forums but I am new the the DRIOD. I recently (today) purchesed a milestone that will be used on a local (GCI.NET) service provider.

    First off im new to cell phones settings/networking in general so im sure im about to lean a whole bunch of information.

    Of course being techy and the inability to leave anything technology alone I am on here for the first time reading through articles on rooting/upgrading the ROM to what i believe i want to use is Cyanogen mod but am not 100% done looking through possibilities yet.

    i have a few questions to ask of the DRIOD community here.

    1. From what I have found Driod2Root seems to be the most used/safest method on a Motorola A854(Milestone) to root the device am I correct?
    2. Recovery - What exactly does this do is it like a standard PC backup?
    3. Backing up the device before upgrading the ROM to Cyanogen, Do I need to do this and can someone explain what all is backed up and the process of it being restored or maybe point me to a certain post on the forum that can answer this in depth.
    4. User Settings/Data settings etc. Will rooting/Installing a different ROM the phone remove any of the settings/data information that is put in by my service provider? I can probably take my phone into my service provider to re-do the settings if i had too but i would prefer not to.
    5. Any more information or personal experience for a 'newb' would be greatly appreciated.

    - Tre