New contacts not being listed in People

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    I had all my phone numbers transferred to my Razr when I bought it.
    I have People set up to just show phone email addresses.
    Under "contacts to display", I have Backup Assistant Plus checked.
    The other options are for emails
    If I add the number to the Backup Assistant on-line, then it shows
    up in People
    Whenever I "save" a new phone number, it does not show up in the
    People list. I can access it by doing a "search" though.
    It is listed in our Gmail contacts on-line.
    How do I get the new number to show up in People without having
    to add it to the Backup Assistant on-line?
    Thanks for any info.

    ED to add: I figured it out. After tapping "add contact", I have
    to change the "location to save" at the top from Gmail (emails) to
    Backup Assistant +.
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