New BB User Here, Compliments + Help

Discussion in 'Bugless' started by SupAll, May 5, 2010.

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    First, I'd like to say thanks to Pete for this wonderful mod. I've been a lurker for a couple weeks now and I was always interested in rooting my phone for a couple months before. When I finally did it, I used JRummy's remix to root 2.1. I was content with it until I found it to be quite slow, especially when answering calls. I even tried just using Cyanogen and adding items to it. No luck. So, I searched a bit more, found Bugless Beast and after going through some screenshots you guys posted, I figured I'd give it a chance.

    Sure enough, I am quite satisfied. BB is smoother, faster, and crashes far less often. It doesn't have the large user-created support of Cyanogen, but I wanted a simple interface with top performance. So, thanks for that. Before I continue, let me post my specs:

    Bugless Beast V1.0 ESE81
    Bekit 1.0Ghz LV 7X
    Smoked Glass Theme (Licorice Flavored Icons)
    Helix Launcer2

    I have a couple issues that I have noticed. The first one is that I seem to get more dropped calls after 2 or so hours talk time. Now, I'm wondering if this is because I did the ##PROGRAM and switched to EVRC-B or if its BB. ##PROGRAM never worked on Cyanogen so I wouldn't really know. Second, I seem to be draining more power than I did with Cyanogen. With Cyanogen, I was using Bekit 1.1 Ghz LV 5x. I've been seeing a difference of roughly 10-20% and I was making more calls or check my email more on Cyanogen.

    I greatly appreciate your time and patience.