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    It was long overdue as cord cutting is no longer just a "thing" but it is now "the thing". As more streaming services and dedicated devices hit the market it can both help provide variety as well as become convoluted. To help sort out some of the services and devices as well as provide an area to report issues and outages, there is a dedicated area for the cord cutters.

    But with devices, like the Nvidia Shield TV, becoming a streaming device with a gaming system, as well as devices like the Playstation 4 becoming a gaming device with a streaming service, we wanted to provide an area for all. As a result you will see we also have a dedicated gaming section.

    At DroidForums we are all about Droids, but now we are using our droids for more than just a phone but to also to control and stream live TV. And some are using them to interact with our gaming system as well. So as the Droid continues to evolve so do we at DroidForums.
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    you don't have to be a cord cutter to use streaming devices such as nvidia shield.
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