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New app for audio-visual guides

Discussion in 'App Announcements' started by Tramontana, May 1, 2013.

  1. Tramontana

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    May 8, 2012
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    My Guide is an app for running and building audio-visual guides. It has two main modes of operation:

    "Barcode mode" is designed for exhibitions, museums and places of interest. Using the app's website you create a "guide" - a series of pages, each with a picture, a message to play using the speech synthesiser and one or more linked HTML pages. For each page the website displays a QR barcode that you download and print, then paste up next to the item or place of interest. When someone uses the app to scan the barcode it speaks the message and displays the picture. Our website collects (anonymous) data each time the barcodes are scanned, which can be valuable to the person who created the pages.

    "Guided mode" is for creating walking guides. You walk a route, stopping regularly to record the GPS coordinates of waypoints and take photos, both using the app itself. Then you edit the resulting guide, adding spoken messages (as above) for arrival and departure at each waypoint, finally publishing the guide to our website. Once all this is done, walkers download the guide and set off from the starting point. The app plays the messages as they reach each waypoint, and also gives regular updates on heading and estimated time to the next waypoint. The whole thing is normally done with the phone kept in a pocket, which saves battery power and avoids having to squint at the screen in bright sunlight. If any interaction is needed it asks you to shake the phone to confirm a spoken question.

    To get started, aim your phone's browser at http://qr.memabilia.net, or use a barcode scanner (e.g. Zxing) to scan this QR code, and open your browser with the URL it contains.
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